Too Much Pressure 

It may come as a surprise to learn that elderly cats, just like some elderly people, can suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure). Cats that have this condition may become tired and depressed or may show signs of incoordination, becoming less sure-footed. A healthy cat’s blood pressure is 160 (mmHg). If the pressure is raised above 170/180 signs of illness may develop and above 200 tissue and organ damage can occur. (often leading to blindness). The good news is that we can measure your cat’s blood pressure fairly simply and quickly using a Doppler unit. The photos below show Sadie and Holly demonstrating how this is done. If hypertension is confirmed it is advisable also to have your cat's kidney and thyroid status checked. If any kidney or thyroid problems are uncovered these can be treated. If kidneys and thyroid are working properly then a once daily blood pressure tablet can bring your cat back to good health. We recommend that all cats over 14 years of age have their blood pressure checked at least once a year.


   1_1330598369-R.jpg               2_1330595838-R.jpg

  Our blood pressure measurement kit.              First step, getting our patient to relax


   3_1330595839-R.jpg             1_1330596042-R.jpg

   Next, we clip away a little fur                            The doppler sensor picks up the cat's

   at the cat's wrist.                                                  pulse which is heard via the headphones.


  1_1330596278-R.jpg              3_1330596279-R.jpg

 This reading of 210 is too high.                          In this case a simple once a day 1/4 tablet

                                                                                   is all that's needed.


  1_1330598753-R.jpg              2_1330596278-R.jpg

 Two weeks later the blood pressure is             and now the reading of 155 shows that

 re-checked.                                                            the medication is working.


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