Frostie's Christmas 

A heartwarming story for Christmas.

On November 26th we had our first heavy snowfall of Winter. For the following two weeks the weather stayed very, very cold with early morning temperatures as low as -8C. One or two further light snow or sleet showers followed keeping the valley white.

1_1292156346-R.jpg          2_1292156346-R.jpg

Tonypandy from our clinic                        Arctic conditions at the surgery

On Tuesday, 7th of December a small, tortoiseshell kitten was found chilled to the bone, barely alive, lying in the snow. The couple who found the kitten rushed her straight to our clinic where our team immediately set about trying to revive her. She was completely limp, unable to move and so cold that her body temperature was too low to register on our thermometers. Our plan of action was warm baths, massage, fluids and oxygen.


3_1292156346-R.jpg               1_1292156405-R.jpg

  The first warm bath                                     Still very, very weak

2_1292156405-R.jpg         3_1292156405-R.jpg

The first signs of movement                            Beginning to come round

1_1292156450-R.jpg         2_1292156450-R.jpg

Half an hour later - food!                          .......and who are you, then?

1_1292160287-R.jpg         1_1292156474-R.jpg

A few hours later                                 .......What's for breakfast?

After an adventure like that, we had to name her Frostie!

A Very Special thank you to the two kind and quick-thinking people who spotted Frostie in the snow and brought her to our clinic. Without their speedy action Frostie would not be here today and looking forward to her first Christmas.

Come back to Frostie's Christmas Page in a couple of weeks to see how she enjoyed her Christmas Day in her new home.

Frostie's Christmas Day -

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1_1293661884-R.jpg        3_1293661884-R.jpg

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