Belle Bounces Back 

Belle, the labrador puppy came to us late in May. She had been with her new owners for just a few days, had vomited once  and had diarrhoea. She was a lively pup but was certainly underweight for her age. It is not uncommon for young pups to have stomach upsets, particularly after a long journey to a new home so we were not too worried at this stage. Still, as a precaution we gave Belle antibiotics and vitamins and repeated her worming. (She had been wormed already by her breeder and had also received her first vaccination).


However, over the next three days the diarrhoea became worse, her appetite faded away and despite further medical treatment the vomiting continued . She brought up a worm during one episode of vomiting. Belle was becoming progressively weaker and dehydrated so we admitted her for fluid therapy (setting up a line directly into her bloodstream to provide her with rehydrating fluids and salts) and close supportive treatment. We also ran blood tests on her and sent a swab off to the lab.


Belle needed further fluids at the clinic over the next two days before she started showing signs of fighting off the infection. Our lab tests identified not one but two infectious agents, Coronavirus and Campylobacter. Coronavirus usually causes mild illness and Campylobacter can sometimes be carried by healthy dogs  but in stressed or undernourished animals both can cause serious disease. Since Belle was still carrying worms despite her previous worming she wasn't getting sufficient nourishment and of course the stress of moving to a new home had also played a part in dragging her down.


Thankfully, our antibiotic treatment could eliminate the Campylobacter and our supportive treatment with fluid therapy, vitamins, antacids and other measures allowed Belle to build up her resistance to the Coronavirus. By the 4th day of treatment Belle was showing real signs of progress and just a few days later she was behaving like a normal puppy again and showing a good gain in weight.

1_1307813853-R.jpg         1_1308173397-R.jpg

Belle is now a happy active little puppy with a good appetite for food and fun!

It is worth remembering that pups need frequent worming and even if you have been told that your new puppy has already been wormed be sure to worm again with a reliable wormer.

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